Spritual Medicine

Medical Astrology & Stress Healing

With Sound knowledge of medical science and astrology unique concept of analysis and disease and its astrological aspectsMore than 50 years experiance in stress healing without medication feculty in Art Of Living Happiness Programme
1. Prediction of outcome of various diseases by astrology
2.Identification of astrological barriers in diseases cautiosation
3. Astrological Interventions for prevention of diseases
4. Astrological remedies for fast recovery
1.Interactive counselling and knowledge sections.
2. Identification of effects of stress on Body/ Mind/ Intellect
3. Breathing Techniques
4. Various yogic practices for rapid destressing
5. Meditation techniques
6.Healing by mantras and other spritual practices

Healing and harmonising the body, mind and sprit

  1. Diagnosis of various medical conditions through the knowledge of medical science
  2. Prediction of outcome of various diseases by Astrology
  3. Treatment through the knowledge of medical science ,  berating techniques , meditation and healing through mantras.

Yoga and Spirituality: Exploring the Connect

Yoga is a holistic package for happy living. It provides techniques to unite the body, mind and breath, and connect to the inner core of our being – the spiritual aspect of our lives.

“The word yoga means skill – skill to live your life, to manage your mind, to deal with your emotions, to be with people, to be in love and not let that love turn into hatred.”

The mind often oscillates between the past and future, causing worry and anticipation. Desires, fear, cravings, aversions grip the mind. To drop the conflicts in the mind, it is essential to bring the mind to the present moment.

Yoga cleanses the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative impressions. Pranayamas calm down the agitated mind. With regular practice of yoga poses, you will see that clarity dawns right away, body balance and flexibility improves, and makes you healthy, strong and alert.

Spirituality Gives Inner Strength

“For me, spirituality is all about living a happier life ‘in the moment’, responding to situations rather than reacting, de-programming and connecting with my Self to come with a fresh response to situations that repeat.